About Me

My name is Gerald Yang (or Jianhua Yang, the romanization of my Chinese name), and I wear quite a few hats:    

When it comes to translation and interpreting, I am the only Chinese translator/interpreter in Ontario who is both ATIO/CTTIC Certified (Chinese to English and English to Chinese) and MAG (Ministry of Attorney General) fully-accredited (Mandarin). As the first person to FULLY pass the notoriously rigorous MAG court interpreter accreditation examination (Mandarin-English) at one single attempt, I also teach court interpreting with the MCI (Master of Conference Interpreting) program at York University (Glendon).

Committed to the self-regulation and advancement of language industry, as well as advocacy for fellow translators and interpreters in non-official languages in Ontario and Canada, I have also been volunteering my time and energy sitting on the board of ATIO as Director, Foreign Languages. 

Over the past decades, I have led a thrilling life with footprints covering 4 continents, spanning a handful of professions and embracing a variety of personal pursuits and interests. The foremost and utmost pursuit and accomplishment, of course, is translation and interpreting.

Be it in tourism industry, international business, marketing, environmental NGO, world heritage consultation, broadcast and print media, practice of Canadian immigration law, and teaching, translating and interpreting has always been a part of me throughout the decades since my first degree in China, and my multi-sector/profession, cross-cultural background has proved a tremendous asset for my translation and interpreting practice.

I was born and brought up in southern Mainland China to speak Mandarin the official language in China along with 4 dialects including Cantonese. Considering the fact that these local tongues are as unintelligible from each other as English is from French, if not more so, I’ve got to admit I have always been sensitive to and keen on languages.

As an AITO/CTTIC certified translator (Chinese-English/English-Chinese), and MAG fully-accredited court interpreter, I would be more than happy and ready to offer my professional Chinese translation and interpretation service to you, and help you go about your life, business and/or any other pursuits  like normal, "whatever your normal is".

If you are interested in what the media say about me, here are some links (unfortunately they are mostly in Chinese):